Losing teeth is one of the most devastating experiences that the elderly go through. If you have been through this as a mature adult, it doesn’t mean that you should live the rest of your life without teeth; there are dental implants that you can use to replace the missing teeth. Dental implants have become very popular today due to their ability to improve the quality of life. Therefore, you shouldn’t suffer through this part of your life with an uncomfortable, difficult dental situation. Regrettably, a lot of older adults shy away from getting dental implants because they think they are too old to have implants.

Safety is Not a Factor

The notion that dental implants are not safe for older people is a fabrication that uninformed people have been peddling around without any scientific evidence for years. The reality is that dental implants work perfectly for both the aged and the young. You can get them when you are 20 or 99 years old. The only difference that may exist is the reason why people get dental implants. Before the oral surgeon operates on you, they will need to know your long-term objectives of having dental implants, the number of missing teeth, state of the remaining teeth, and your diet and overall lifestyle. These questions are essential because they guide the doctor in making the right decision.

Live Longer with Better Teeth

Given that every generation is now living longer than the last one, and more people continue to lose teeth due to decay and gum diseases, the longevity of dental implants has made them a worthwhile investment, especially for older people. Implants have also proven to be better than dentures and bridgework, which limit the type of food a person should eat. Dentures and partials also cause the loss of jaw bone and become loose after some time. Unlike dental implants, dentures lack a full foundation, which causes them to shift over time.

While older patients are more prone to bone loss than younger patients, notably when the teeth have been missing for many years, they too can enjoy the full benefits of dental implants. With ongoing technological advances in dentistry, oral surgeons are now able to maximize the available bone strategically. It is also possible to do an initial bone expansion graft surgery to provide supplemental bone at the site where dental implants will go. The long and short of it is that dental implants are a viable outcome for everyone regardless of their age. At the moment, they are the best solution to missing teeth.