Unlike in the past when people only sought the help of a dentist when they had serious oral problems like toothache and cavities, today oral surgery has become very common as people seek to improve their oral health. This has in turn given rise to countless dentists, dental clinics and oral surgeons. While this means that you can easily find an expert to handle your oral problems, it also makes it hard for one to find the right person for your specific circumstance. So, before you pick up the phone to call an oral surgeon that you found on the internet, take time to learn what a qualified oral surgeon should have. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a qualified oral surgeon.

Educational Background

For anyone to be qualified to work as an oral surgeon, they have to complete a 4-6 year’s degree course in a recognized institution. In fact, many oral surgeons hold a dual degree in medicine and dentistry. They also spend a whole year focused on general surgery. The additional training is necessary because the person will be handling some complex oral procedures. After training, the surgeon must obtain the necessary accreditation from the authorized board. In this field they must be certified in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Level of Experience

Although there are some graduates who are very good at what they do, experience in the field is always good because it gives one the needed exposure to making important decisions for their patients. A good oral surgeon should therefore have performed a number of successful surgeries. You can find out about their level of experience by reading their online reviews and going through their portfolio. The bigger the portfolio, the higher the experience. Luckily, there are many websites that specialize in offering genuine reviews.

Recommendations from Friends and Former Patients

If you have family and friends who have undergo a similar oral surgical procedure, ask them for referrals. They should be able to explain to you what to expect from the surgeon. When you are doing the comparisons, ask the surgeons to provide you with contacts of their previous patients so that you can call them and enquire about their services and experience. Avoid anyone who is not willing to give you such basic information. You are putting your health in this person’s hands.

Asking the surgeon questions about your problem is not too much to ask. The doctor should be able to explain to your satisfaction exactly what to expect throughout the treatment. It is important to have all the answers before you make a decision.