Studies show that millions of Americans are getting dental implants every year. Their popularity is primarily attributed to their ability to function and feel like natural teeth, thus allowing you to continue living your ordinary life without disruption. New technologies in modern dentistry have also made the dental implant placement procedure fast and straightforward. This has also significantly reduced the extended downtime that was previously experienced during the dental implant placement procedure.
Today, patients can have all their missing teeth replaced with dental implants in one visit to the dentist. Yet, as impressive as dental implants are, many people still have some reservations about the implant placement process. This article looks at the common concerns regarding dental implants.

Body’s Reaction to Metal Implants

Some patients are usually skeptical about the idea of having metal inserted into their bodies. They fear that the body might react negatively to the metal posts, causing allergies and other autoimmune responses. Others think that the metal will corrode inside their jawbones. Fortunately, modern dental implants are created from titanium, which is completely biocompatible. Titanium doesn’t corrode and integrates with the bone to form a strong bond.

Long Painful Recovery

Because the process of placing dental implants into the jawbone is completely invasive, many patients are worried that the recovery process might be long and painful. While pain and discomfort are inevitable after this procedure, they subside significantly within a few days after the surgery. The pain is barely noticeable after a week. Plus, your doctor will prescribe medication to help you manage the pain. New and highly advanced technologies in modern dentistry have made this procedure and the recovery process simple and fast.

Natural Appearance and Feel

Some patients doubt that dental implants will restore their natural smile. Thankfully, these implants are custom-made to match your natural teeth. And because they are permanent, they will allow you to eat different types of food without discomfort. However, you need to avoid staining foods and beverages so that your natural teeth don’t darken faster than your implants.


Since dental implants’ placement is a surgical procedure, the risk of getting infections after the surgery is imaginable. However, you can avoid any potential post-surgery infection by choosing an experienced oral surgeon to perform the surgery. Plus, your doctor will prescribe antibacterial drugs to prevent infections after surgery. Make sure you follow your doctor’s recovery guidelines for successful healing.