Studies have shown that wisdom teeth are a major cause of various dental complications, especially when impacted. These teeth usually emerge during puberty or immediately after adolescence. They are the last four molars to emerge and normally erupt at the very back of the mouth. Unfortunately, these molars tend to develop problems during their development because they have to squeeze themselves through the small space left in the arch. Consequently, most of them do not emerge fully, causing the problem of impacted wisdom teeth.

Although most impacted wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort, some are completely painless, leaving patients completely unaware of the situation until they start developing other serious dental complications. That’s why it is advisable to go for an oral examination, whether your wisdom teeth are painful or not. This helps you to detect any potential problems with your wisdom teeth before they become serious oral complications. Here are some common dental health problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth.

Inflammation and Infections

In most cases, impacted wisdom teeth cause significant inflammations, pain, and infections. If the necessary medical interventions are not made immediately, these inflammations and infections will damage the surrounding gum, teeth, and bone. Infections usually occur when food particles get trapped in the openings created by the impacted teeth. And because the affected area is normally painful and swollen, it becomes tough for the patient to brush it thoroughly, leading to a buildup of bacteria that cause infection.


The pain caused by impacted wisdom teeth can be either mild or severe, depending on the problem’s cruelty. The pain is mostly concentrated in the gum and the jawbone. But in severe cases, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause recurring headaches. The pain is also accompanied by redness, swelling, and tenderness around the affected tooth.


Impacted teeth are known to cause pockets of fluid around them. These pockets are commonly referred to as cysts and can easily cause lasting damage to your gum, nerves, and jawbone. In extreme cases, these cysts can develop into tumors that will require a complex surgical procedure to treat the affected bone and gum.

Teeth Decay

When there is a buildup of bacteria in your mouth, teeth decay is inevitable. Unfortunately, this deterioration will spread from the impacted wisdom teeth to the neighboring teeth if the problem is not addressed immediately. That’s why it is advisable to get rid of the impacted wisdom teeth as soon as they emerge.