Dr. Amundson is participating in a volunteer program this week to provide dental care in Honduras. She is assisted by our resident Adam Fagin and trauma fellow Akshay Govind. Here is what Hospital Escuela UNAH said about it:

Authorities of the university school hospital, the department of reconstructive plastic surgery and the dental service, start the second surgery brigade, with the aim of providing a reconstruction in the face to improve the appearance of patients suffering from congenital diseases such as tumors, deformities in the face, and car accidents.

They were evaluated at the dental clinic, where they were treated in more than 30 patients, in hours of the morning of which 20 are candidates to be tapped on Monday 12 March 2018 to Friday 16 of this month and the only requirement is to donate a blood unit.

In addition, the driving of this brigade is carried out by plastic surgeons of the country’s main care center and post-Graduate Surgery residents, this working team is composed of Dr. Carlos Flores, Dr. Karen Medina is also with the support of American doctors, Dr. Melissa Amudson, Aksay, Govind, Adam Fagin, all from Oregon State.

Surgery Brigade