Dr. Ashish Patel has been appointed as Faculty to the WSU Elson S. Floyd College Of Medicine. Starting July 10, 2020, Dr. Patel will start his duties as a Clinical Associate Professor where he will begin contributing to academic life.

With Dr. Patel’s passion for the field of medicine, he plans to contribute through teaching, scholarship, and service to the University, College or Department. He may also be directly involved with medical student teaching in his clinic and/or hospital settings and, where possible, contribute to continuous quality improvement in the education of medical students.

As a faculty member, Dr. Patel will also provide active input in ESFCOM faculty council decisions and additional service opportunities to academic committees, sub-committees, etc. Through this, program, Dr. Patel plans to further his development as a medical professional as well through collaborative discussions within this community of faculty colleagues comprised of medical educators, researchers, and scholars. He also looks forward to the opportunities to mentor and influence the next generation of physicians.