Traditionally, replacing all teeth with implants required at least six months. The dentist started by placing the implants and then installing the final replacement teeth. This whole process ensured the gum and jaw healed entirely, and the dental implants bonded fully with the jaws before they were able to bear any weight from the replacement teeth. But with the current technological advances, it is possible to get a whole set of new dental implants in a single day. This process is easy, fast, and doesn’t require you to wear any temporary denture. Therefore, you can walk in and walk out of the dental clinic with a new set of teeth in a single day.

Benefits of Replacing All Teeth at Once

There are many benefits of getting same-day teeth replacement. Firstly, the number of times you visit the dentist decreases significantly. In the past, people had to forego most of their daily activities to get their teeth replaced. This inconvenience led to low productivity for dental professionals and caused significant disruptions to a patient’s daily routine. But with the new technology, you can get all of your teeth replaced in just a few hours. So, you can walk in and walk out with a new set of teeth.

Tooth Replacement Technology Has Drastically Improved

The new teeth replacement methods have also reduced recovery time significantly. Previously, you had to wait for one tooth to heal sufficiently before you could get the second one replaced. And so you had to visit the dentist for every tooth you wanted to replace. Consequently, it took the patient longer to recover. But today, you get all your teeth replaced in one sitting, and therefore the recovery time is reduced considerably. So, you can go on with your regular life just a few days after the surgery. But you have to follow the doctor’s recovery guide.

Today’s tooth replacement methods are less painful and offer better results. The process involves a 3D scan of the jaw to help the doctor understand the structure of your jaw and enable them to create a similar copy of the tooth replacement. The surgeon creates a template and places it over the gum to help the dentist set the implant precisely where it should be. By using this method, there is no need to cut the gum and bone further for proper fitting. The 3D technology produces crowns that look completely the same as your natural teeth, giving you a natural smile.

If you are considering refreshing your teeth to their former look, call us today or book an appointment. You may find that having a new smile is much easier than you think.