Facial trauma after a serious sports injury, a car accident, a fall, violence, or a work place injury can be traumatic and painful. But the right Portland oral surgeon can guide you through the process of selecting the best treatment plan for your injuries.

Bone Injuries in the Maxillofacial Region

Facial fractures are treated similarly to fractures elsewhere in the body, but it’s not possible to place a cast on your face like an arm or a leg. Instead, your oral surgeon will use other means to stabilize facial fractures.

For the bones of the upper and lower jaw, one option is to wire the jaw together. Other facial fractures may be best treated with “rigid fixation” of the fracture, which involves the placement of bone plates and screws at the site. Rigid fixation reduces the need for having the jaw wired for long periods of time and often allows for a faster recovery. Ultimately the goal is to allow healing with the fewer incisions and minimum impact to your face.

Dental Injuries & Sports

If your face is involved in a serious sports injury, it’s common for teeth to be injured as well. If a tooth is knocked out, you can temporarily place it in milk or salt water for transport, but it is important for the tooth to be placed back into the socket as soon as possible. Never try to wipe off the tooth as parts of the ligaments that hold the tooth in the jaw may still be on the exterior. See a Portland oral surgeon immediately to give your tooth the best chance of survival.

Your oral surgeon may “splint” your tooth, which involves stabilizing the teeth through bonding or wiring them together. Your surgeon will also work closely with other dental specialists as well if a root canal is necessary or if cracked or broken teeth need to be rebuilt or repaired. If your injured teeth can’t be repaired or saved, dental implants may be an option.

While a serious injury to the face can be frightening, obtaining fast treatment with an experienced doctor can give you more treatment options for a full recovery. To protect your face and your smile, seek an experienced Portland oral surgeon.