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Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Can Permanently Correct Major Jaw Issues

Our surgeons regularly provide corrective jaw surgery for individuals born with overbites or underbites. Orthognathic means “straight jaws” and the goal of orthognathic surgery is to realign the jaws so that teeth are able to come together properly. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with an orthodontist.

For individuals born an overbite or under-bite, jaw surgery can offer a solution to the associated functional disabilities. The benefits of jaw surgery can include restoring a person’s ability to eat and chew without difficulty, improve or eliminate joint pain, and restore facial harmony and ideal dental form. Your surgeon will design your surgery using computer aided virtual planning to ensure the most precise results. We will work closely with your orthodontist before and after surgery.

Types of Jaw Surgeries

There are several types of common jaw surgeries, and many different uncommon surgeries. The experience level of your oral surgeon has a direct impact on the effectiveness of complex surgeries. Below are some of the more common jaw surgeries:

Sagittal Split Osteotomy (Lower Jaw)
This procedure is performed through incisions placed inside the mouth, near where the back part of the cheek attaches to the lower jaw. The jawbone is divided in the angle of the jaw in a front-to-back plane. This allows the tooth-bearing part of the lower jaw to slide backwards, in the case of a protruding jaw, or forward in the case of a short lower jaw. Small titanium screws are then placed to hold the jaw segments together and the jaws are rubber banded for about a week following surgery.

Le Fort 1 Osteotomy (Upper Jaw)
Performed through incisions placed inside the upper lip, this procedure involves a horizontal transection of the upper jaws’ attachment to the base of the nose and sinuses. Once moved in the necessary direction, the repositioned upper jaw is held in place with tiny plates and screws. Following surgery, the jaw is rubber banded for about a week and patients are placed on a soft diet for about five weeks.

Genioplasty (Chin)
This procedure is completed through an incision on the inside of the lower lip. A horizontal cut is made in the lower jaw and the chin segment is advanced. This procedure can make a tremendous difference in facial appearance!