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When it comes to your health, it’s important to have confidence in your physicians. As the Northwest’s most specialized medical and surgical practice, we have over 25 years of experience providing unmatched care to our patients. Now that’s something to be confident about.

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Impacted & Wisdom Teeth

With advanced training and residencies specializing in oral cavity conditions and associated systemic disease, our oral surgeons perform both routine and highly complex dental procedures for our patients.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These metal anchors act as tooth root substitutes. The jawbone then bonds with the titanium posts, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth.

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Jaw & Craniofacial Surgery

For individuals born an overbite or under-bite, jaw surgery can offer a solution to the associated functional disabilities. The benefits of jaw surgery can include restoring a person’s ability to eat and chew without difficulty, improve or eliminate joint pain, and restore facial harmony and ideal dental form.

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Reconstructive Surgery

Our surgeons have extensive experience managing patients with severe maxillofacial and head and neck injuries. As members of Legacy Emanuel Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Team, our surgeons are uniquely qualified to help patients with facial injuries as well as the cosmetic and functional deformities that sometimes result from serious facial trauma.

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Head & Neck Cancer Surgery

Our oral & craniofacial surgery procedures help to advance some of the nation’s top research into oral cancers, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, partnering with top research hospitals and creating a unique team of pioneers in the oral and craniofacial surgery fields.

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Sedation Dentistry

While many oral surgery procedures can be done with standard local anesthetic techniques, several procedures are better performed while our patients are sedated with general anesthetic. All of our surgeons are licensed in dentistry and medicine and have thousands of hours of anesthesia training.

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Cysts and Tumors of the Face and Jaws

Also referred to as odontogenic or non-odontogenic growths, face and jaw tumors and cysts are rare growths and lesions affecting the soft tissues in the face, mouth, and jawbone. They can vary in size and [...]

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 8 reviews
Amanda C
Mar 8, 2021
 by Amanda C
GREAT Experience!

My daughter had her wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Cheng. Everything went smoothly, Dr. Cheng explained everything and when my daughter's surgery was complete the doctor met with me and went over everything, gave me a fantastic post-op bag filled with things we would need after the procedure. I didn't get anything like this when I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

Then later that evening Dr. Cheng himself called to check on my daughter to make sure she was doing ok and to answer any questions that I might have since bringing her home. All around wonderful experience and a really caring staff!!!

Jeff T
Jul 9, 2019
 by Jeff T
Five stars all around!

I had a quick consultation followed by surgery to have all four wisdom teeth removed. Everyone I interacted with (from front desk to assistants to nurses and doctors) was friendly and helpful and a pleasure to work with. It seems like Dr. Amundson and her team did a great job, considering I feel great and barely have any swelling the day after surgery (of course, your mileage may vary). Five stars all around! Plus, they have an exceptional waiting room... (You'll just have to see for yourself!)

Jun 15, 2019
 by RJ
While cancer sucks, Head & Neck Surgical Associates doesn't!

Referred to Dr. Patel with a neck mass. Had been passed along the system for approximately 5-6 weeks for tests and random appointments. Once I got to Dr. Patel I finally received answers and the urgency my condition warranted! His Nurse Practitioner Christine Fratangelo is absolutely outstanding! I was scheduled for surgery ASAP and necessary tests were made a priority and not delayed as previous. Dr. Patel completed a modified radical neck dissection within 14 days of my initial appointment. While I'm not a fan of the cosmetic outcome, he saved all the important nerves in my face and neck and essentially my life. No nonsense, highly educated and caring medical staff. While cancer sucks, Head & Neck Surgical Associates and their staff don't!

Mez M
Apr 15, 2019
 by Mez M
Amazing experience.

Amazing experience. Had my wisdom tooth pulled here and the Dr and staff did a great job!

Ian M
Mar 23, 2019
 by Ian M
You're in really great hands with Dr Cheng!

Procedure went near perfect - Textbook, I might add! Insurance covered pretty much all of it - which I was very thankful for! Dr Cheng did a great job and was a super nice guy! I remember telling him I was scared about the wisdom teeth procedure and as he was reassuring me, Darkness! The anesthesia hit- 45 minutes later, I awoke with gauze in my mouth. The recovery took about 5 days until pain and soreness dissipated to minor levels but overall, I was able to handle the pain with Ibuprofen after 2 days. It really wasn't that bad. Just follow all the instructions they give you and you'll do fine. Being new to the area, I was really worried about finding a skilled oral surgeon who could maximize my insurance benefits. Luckily, I got both! You're in really great hands with Dr Cheng!

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