By: The Portland, Oregon oral surgery team at Head & Neck Surgical Associates

In your quest for healthy teeth, you’ve likely examined a multitude of options. Depending on your situation, one of the most promising of these may involve dental implants. Essentially serving as artificial tooth roots, these are placed in your jawbone, and ultimately, bonded with the natural bone. In this way, they form a sturdy base for crowns.

Dental implants’ sturdy nature makes them ideal not only for patients looking to avoid ongoing pain and return visits, but also for those desperate to keep the cost of treatment to a minimum. Below, we highlight a few of the top cost-saving opportunities dental implants make possible:

Avoiding Crown Replacement

With weak roots, crowns can be vulnerable to damage or even falling out. As a result, you may face multiple replacements over time. Dental implants offer the sturdy base needed to keep your crowns in place for the long run. They are uniquely durable, as their design allows them to bond with your natural bone. When you obtain implants, you can feel secure in knowing that they will stand the test of time.

Avoiding Dentures

Dentures are often cited as a top alternative to crowns, but they are rarely ideal. From talking to eating, every aspect of daily life is easier when removable dentures are replaced with permanent implants and crowns. While some issues can be avoided by investing in high-quality dentures, these tend to be expensive. What’s more, even the best dentures will eventually require replacement, with most patients forced to invest in new sets at least once per decade — and sometimes, even more often. Dental implants provide a permanent solution accompanied by a single upfront cost.

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Dental implants hold the power to dramatically improve your quality of life without breaking the bank. From convenience to cost savings, their benefits are worth considering as you examine your options.