The jaw in a day procedure is truly one of the most favorite procedures that I’ve had the privilege of learning and performing. Head And Neck Surgical Associates has a unique relationship with the procedure in that the pioneer of the procedure was a prior fellow here and taught my colleague and my mentor who’s now my partner, Dr. Patel who taught me. I had the special opportunity and the privilege of being able to perform the first jaw in a day in South Carolina as well as one of the youngest patients who’d ever have the procedure done and is now considering being a nurse and we think that had a lot to do with the surgery and everything that she had been through. Which is pretty cool to hear that you’ve affected someone that way. We’ve actually continued to further develop the procedure and refine it and we’ve done the first patient who had a simultaneous temporomandibular joint reconstruction.

Philip was a patient that I had met when I was out in Charleston, South Carolina as an attending surgeon there who had presented late with a recurrent tumor that had extended all the way to his skull base. But he insisted in coming here having read about our group and what I was able to perform for patients with similar tumors. Seeing his reaction after the surgery, knowing how nervous he was and the hesitation he had to proceed with the surgery and now seeing him interacting with his daughter, talking about going running again it’s incredibly rewarding.

One of the major technological advances that allowed this procedure to first start was virtual surgical planning. That’s basically taking digital image of a patient’s ct scan whether it’s their leg or their face and being able to plan the surgery ahead of time. What we’ve recently been able to accomplish is continue the advancement of 3d printing in dentistry and oral maxillofacial surgery and now been able to actually 3d print things in our own office on the day that we first meet the patient. That’s going to cut down time as to when we can perform the procedure cut down costs and allow a patient to really have a better idea of what they’re going to be getting after their procedure. Right now jaw in a day is offered at a select few places across the U.S. And I think in the years to come, with the technological advances and publications from our group and other groups that do it, will allow more people to offer this. My goal with continued experience and with the advances in technology, is to expand that scope into cancer patients, into trauma, into bisphosphonate-related necrosis of the jaw, and just really allow patients to have a complete reconstruction.

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