Dental implants have proved to be an effective solution to missing teeth. They help a patient restore their dental structure that feels and appears natural. Thanks to the advancing technology in dentistry, it is now possible for patients with two or more missing teeth to get multiple dental implants at once. In the past, dentists used partial dentures and fixed bridges to replace multiple teeth, which ended up damaging the remaining healthy teeth because they relied on the nearby teeth for support.

On the other hand, the new dental implants help preserve the jawbone because they replace the tooth’s roots. These implants naturally bond with the jawbone, keeping it intact and secure. They are a significant improvement over traditional teeth replacement options, which caused the bone and the nearby teeth to deteriorate and eventually fall out. With the new technology, the process of getting multiple dental implants has significantly improved. It is now possible to have multiple missing teeth replaced in one day. The improvement in technology has made teeth replacement easier, faster, and more cost-effective, mainly because it reduces the number of visits to the dentist that people have to make to have multiple teeth replaced.

Multiple dental implants placement involves the use of a computerized implant system to make the procedure flawless. For instance, the doctor will use a 3D x-ray machine to take a comprehensive image of the jawbone. Such imagery helps identify possible deformities in the jawbone so that the doctor makes necessary corrections before the implants get installed. Because this is an invasive procedure, you will receive anesthesia to help you relax during surgery. The doctor then secures a titanium screw into the jawbone for each new tooth.

You will have to wait for a few months for the bone to heal and fully bond with the screws. Your doctor will then install temporary dental replacements that stay until the end of the recovery period. After recovery, the doctor places the final implants. If you have several missing teeth in a row, your dentist can use implants at the ends of the gap and then place a dental bridge across the two implants. It is a simple tooth replacement procedure that improves chewing and reduces the number of dental implants a patient gets. It also makes tooth replacement cost-effective. An excellent oral surgeon should be able to advise you on the best option.