If you are planning to have oral surgery, you have to look for the most qualified and experienced oral surgeon. But with so many oral surgeons out there, it is very difficult to pick the right one. The only way you can be contented with the choice you make is by choosing an oral surgeon who is board certified. But why is board certification important? This article will answer this and other related questions.

What Does Board Certification Mean?

Although every oral surgeon must have a practicing license to be able to offer their services, it is not a must for them to have board certification. Nevertheless, board certification is an indication that the surgeon has attained all the requirements and is willing to maintain the highest professional standards.

It is proof that the surgeon has agreed to, voluntarily, go above and beyond what the standard licensing requires. For an oral surgeon to be certified by the board, they must submit a portfolio of cases showing their experience in performing different types of oral procedures. They must also do an intensive written examination as well as an oral test to prove their level of instant recall knowledge.

Why Is Board Certification Important?

First of all, board certification shows that the surgeon has made an effort to go beyond the standard expectations in the profession. While they are free to operate with just a license, they have subjected themselves to rigorous tests and examinations to attain the highest level of professionalism. This is enough proof that the surgeon is committed to improving themselves continuously so that they can continue to give their clients the best services.

Board certification for oral surgeons also gives you peace of mind knowing that the person operating on you has gone through all the necessary training and acquired enough experience to operate on patients. Before an oral surgeon can be certified by the board, they must undergo training and spend a couple of years working in their specific field of specialization. This gives them the experience and expertise to perform even the most critical oral surgeries successfully.

Choosing a board-certified oral surgeon for your oral surgery will decrease your risk of developing complications during and after surgery. It is also good to know that you are working with a professional who values your safety and comfort, in addition to creating the most pleasant treatment environment. For more information on board certification of oral surgeons, talk to Head and Neck today.